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Bijoux Origami Lovers Earring Collection - Bijoux Beach

I'm a huge fan of Japanese arts and crafts, so creating a line of earrings using origami papers seemed like a natural fit! I hope you enjoy these new earring designs as much as I do...easy to wear casually or to add a unique bit of spark to eveningwear.

Bijoux Kahlo Earrings - Bijoux Beach
The iconic Mexican folk artist is a favourite of ours at Bijoux Beach, and we can't think of a better tribute than these glorious handcrafted earrings!
Bijoux Ice Baroque Pearl Necklace  - Bijoux Beach

Is there anything more enticing than "one of a kind"? A luminous and totally unique icy silver baroque genuine pearl pendant necklace that really makes a stunning statement.

Bijoux Koi Handmade Earrings - Bijoux Beach

Fun and quirky statement earrings are so on-trend for 2022, and we're bringing the zen with these inspired Koi fish earrings! Your choice of blue or red.