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Bijoux Pohutukawa Decorated Shell Dish - Bijoux Beach
Harbinger of the holiday season, the Pohutukawa is fondly known as "New Zealand's Christmas Tree". This gorgeous, colourful motif on a natural scallop shell can be used to hold jewellery or trinkets, as a fun tealight holder, soap dish, or even seasonings at your dining table. Sure to kindle fond memories of summers passed.... 

11cm handcrafted natural NZ scallop shell ornament with Pohutukawa motif.

Bijoux NZ Icons Decorated Tua Shell Dish - Bijoux Beach

All of the well known and loved iconic motifs of Aotearoa are here...Fern, Kiwi, Map of New Zealand, and of course cheeky Tiki. Vibrant greenstone coloured with gold trim, these Tua Tua shell trinket dishes make a great statement on any coffee table or desktop, especially when displayed in pairs or trios.

A perfect gift for overseas Kiwis, too!

11cm handcrafted natural NZ Tua Tua shell ornaments with Kiwiana icon of your choice.

Choose from:  Fern,  Fern with NZ,  Tiki,  Tiki with NZ,  Kiwi,  Kiwi with NZ,  or NZ Map motifs.

Packaged for gifting in beribboned organza bag.