At Bijoux Beach, we endeavor to offer shellcraft that is whimsical and unique, but useful as well. Here's a bit more information about us....


Where do the shells come from?  All of our shells, (excluding the extra large South Seas scallops) are from the beaches of New Zealand.

Are the shells handpainted?  Well, yes and no. The main image is applied using a decoupage process. All shells are then handpainted with a gilt edging.

What do the backs of the shells look like?  To celebrate the origin of the shell, we leave the back in a natural state, aside from a bit of handpainted gilt edging.

Are any other sealants used?  Most shells have been treated with a food safe, water resistant sealant. That said, Bijoux Beach shells should never be fully immersed in water. Clean gently using a damp cloth.

What are the various uses of the shells?  Besides as trinket/jewellery dishes, the shells can be used as tealight candle holders, salt & pepper cellars, and so on.

Can I ship the shells overseas, (will they clear Customs?)  Yes, indeed! We have customers worldwide, (yes, even Australia!), and we've never had a shell that didn't clear Customs.

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