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Bijoux Chinoiserie Decorated Shell Dish - Bijoux Beach

Chinoiserie decor is a classic that never goes out of style. Our exquisite jewellery dish looks so close to actual porcelain...yet it's a scallop shell that will safely and chicly hold your most treasured items!

11cm natural New Zealand scallop shell jewellery dish with Chinoiserie motif.

Chinoiserie motif may vary slightly from image shown.

Packaged for gifting in beribboned organza bag.

Bijoux Blue Buds Decorated Shell Dish  - Bijoux Beach
Branches bursting with sweet blue buds, on crisp white and trimmed in gold... exquisite. 
Bijoux Orient Decorated Shell Dish - Bijoux Beach

"I will write peace on your wings, and you will fly all over the world"...The majestic beauty of the Crane leaves us awestruck. Bijoux Orient captures this magical bird, in flight across a crimson and gold sea.