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Bijoux Love is Love Decorated Shell Dish - Bijoux Beach

Celebrate love! 

Bijoux Kahlo Decorated Shell Dish - Bijoux Beach
An iconic image of a truly iconic and inspiring woman, our Frida Kahlo Jewellery Dish will delight fans of Mexico's famous folk artist. Handcrafted from a natural NZ scallop shell, to safely and chicly hold your most treasured items.

Bijoux Inspiring Frida Kahlo Decorator Shell Duo Set  - Bijoux Beach

Our tribute to the famous Mexican folk artist Frida Kahlo: set of two handcrafted natural New Zealand Tua Tua shells, depicting the artist as icon and as creative. An great inspirational gift.

Bijoux Blue Jean Decorated Shell Dish - Bijoux Beach

Blue Jean, I just met a girl named Blue Jean.... Our Blue Jean jewellery dish looks just like a relaxing pair of your fave denims! 

11cm handcrafted NZ scallop shell ornament trinket dish.